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Date :     2016-11-27
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of The Company
The New Web Site
Date:     2016-08-30
The Metallic Construction Company has agreed with the Ekhnaton Market Co., a specialized company in
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Newest of The Production
Hanging Roofs
Date :     2016-08-30
This product is a sample for the latest product which must put here.
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Product in Steps
Wooden bergullac in steps
The steps in constructing the wooden bergullac
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The Company Location

A picture for Obour tunnel
Obour tunnel entrance from the direction of Cairo Ismailia Road
The company is located in the industrial zone (A) in the piece 8 Block 13041, and to access the company keep track of the following:
* If you are coming from Cairo Ismailia Road you'll need to go through the Obour tunnel to cross to the other side of the road, to walk the road leading into the city.
* Where Amon Fountain Square you will be heading north to the end of the street, where Ceramica Royal Company be on your right, turn right and go ahead along the street, cross the first intersection and then the second intersection to find the Metallic Construction Company in front of you.
A picture for Ceramica Royal company
Ceramica Royal Company
* If you are coming from Ismailia towards Cairo, At the entrance you will follow the way to the Amon Fountain Square, then turns left and follow the same route to reach the company..
A flash illustrating the road to the company