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Date :     2016-11-27
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of The Company
The New Web Site
Date:     2016-08-30
The Metallic Construction Company has agreed with the Ekhnaton Market Co., a specialized company in
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Newest of The Production
Hanging Roofs
Date :     2016-08-30
This product is a sample for the latest product which must put here.
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Product in Steps
Wooden bergullac in steps
The steps in constructing the wooden bergullac
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Company Activity

The company is engaged in the business of marine vessels processing, floating hotels marine and yachting work cabins, bathrooms and Fire-resistant doors and ceilings which manufactured with the latest technology. The company carries out the processing of production halls belong the factories of medicine and food, from bacterial and microbial resistant previous equipped walls with the fire resistance. The metallic construction company prefabricate the decorations belongs villas and five-star hotels. The company also equipped hotels and tourist villages with fences, stairs and gates with the latest work of pherforget using the latest technology