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Date :     2016-11-27
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of The Company
The New Web Site
Date:     2016-08-30
The Metallic Construction Company has agreed with the Ekhnaton Market Co., a specialized company in
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Newest of The Production
Hanging Roofs
Date :     2016-08-30
This product is a sample for the latest product which must put here.
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Product in Steps
Wooden bergullac in steps
The steps in constructing the wooden bergullac
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About the Company

Sophisticated Scissors
Metallic Construction Company was founded in 2001 which is an extension of the company metal construction and ready partitions, which was founded in 1989, the company created a modern and sophisticated factory under the name of "Metallic Construction Company", An Egyptian shareholding company, to be in the forefront of the factories that combine outstanding experience and optimal use for the latest manufacturing technology, using machinery and equipment (CNC), in various areas.
A prime location was selected for the company in the industrial area of the city, to be close to markets, as well as close to industrial areas, and covers an area of production halls factory about 4000 flat meters, divided according to the various activities.
There is a large team of engineers in the Metallic Construction Company and technicians with the highest level of outstanding experience, training and upscale.
The Metallic Construction Company relies on manufacturing modern products serve different sectors, as the tourism sector, pharmaceutical and food industry, where most of the products are imported from abroad.